Why Does My Clothes Dryer Vent Tube Keep Clogging?


On more than 1 occasion, at the course of performing a property inspection, I’ll require the property owner when they’re having trouble with their garments dryer and whether or not it seems to take very long to wash their apparel. The majority of time they look astonished and inquire how I might know that. I’m advised the dryer began fine then just did actually take more and more to absolutely dry the clothes, plus they truly are to the brink of contacting a technician or investing in a new appliance. I then take them outside and show them the dangerous condition which exists and also the cause of the problem… a dryer vent tube that’s completely clogged with lint at the exhaust hood.

Not only does this condition stop the appliance out of drying properly, it is a serious fire threat. Then I reveal them the reason why behind the clog – a screen installed around the conclusion of the tube. “This display screen is not supposed to be there”, I tell them”and not just will it be a fire danger, however it truly is against making code”. To make things even worse, they tell me that they brought up the issue with their builder, and was told the the screen is still required to maintain”creatures” from penetrating. Just what a completely incorrect statement. A correctly installed vent will have a flap (damper) towards the end that opens when the dryer is currently functioning and shuts once it really is away. This prevents any critter entrance Dryer vent cleaning.

Having a monitor, of any form, at the conclusion of the vent tube is excellent for only a single item… halting lint from venting and inducing a clog in the entire tube, period”. Anybody who states otherwise is oblivious into this possible danger together with the building code. Even the IRC (International Residential Code) is quite specific about the setup of clothing dryer vents and conditions”dryer exhaust ducts such as clothes dryers will shake on the outside of the building and will soon be equipped with a backdraft damper. Screens shall not be installed at the duct termination. Ducts will not be connected installed using sheetmetal screws or other attachments that will obstruct the stream. Clothes drier exhaust ducts will not be connected to your gas port connector, either gas nozzle or port. Clothes drier exhaust ducts will not extend or through ducts or plenums.”

You can find others which are just too idiotic to the code demands. Within a latest stucco review, I happened to notice a badly clogged port hood. I asked the homeowner my normal question about their dryer and has been told that the tube clogged regularly. They had it washed out twice beforeand so were becoming prepared to have it done a third time. The organization they applied never mentioned the display screen onto the end of the tube. I want to believe it was only an oversight instead of handily overlooked for job safety.

I also found my neighbors’ freshly installed roof using a brand spanking new vent hood set up. Needless to say it was that the wrong sort and should never have been useful to get a clothing dryer jack. And imagine what, it had been already starting to clog and the roofing corporation would not mend it.

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